Smart Moves, LLC.

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Complete Personalized Downsizing and Moving Solutions for Seniors

We specialize in a full-service moves: packing, moving, and unpacking your belongings.


  • Personalized pre-move planning, including what to move, what will fit, scheduling and more
  • Complete and secure packing services; from furniture and clothing to precious keepsakes
  • Trusted movers
  • Clearing and cleaning
  • Donation coordination: share what you won’t move with agencies and families who will appreciate your generosity
  • Unpacking – get settled fast and hassle-free

All services are a la carte and can be tailored for your needs. Choose only what you need for your unique situation. Our goal is to do everything we can to make your move a positive experience.

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I am enjoying the whole process. It has given me time to reflect on all the good things and opportunities I have had in my life. The memories are mine forever, without being stored on a shelf or in a box. I am ready for a new time in my life, unencumbered by “Stuff”

– Smart Moves Client